Led by senior partners with an average tenure of 20 years, JFLCO brings together a group of talented professionals who are highly experienced in our targeted end markets 

JFLCO is composed of a balanced team of professionals that collectively provide extensive and complementary backgrounds and industry relationships in the firm’s target sectors.  The investment team is supported by the firm’s Operating Executive Board, which includes senior-level executives and high-ranking officers with deep corporate and/or government expertise and long-standing relationships with the firm.  The firm believes this expertise provides a clear competitive advantage in generating attractive investment opportunities, identifying appropriate strategies to drive performance and creating substantial value post-closing.

Operating Executive Board Emeritus Member

James R. Baumgardner

Michael J. Bayer

Caroline R. Bibb

General John F. Campbell

Allan E. Cook

General John D.W. Corley

Michael V. Cuff

Thomas Michael Dyer

Admiral Thomas B. Fargo

Frederick J. Harris

Admiral Paul D. Miller

Dr. William B. Roper Jr.

George A. Sawyer

John W. Shirley

Randolph H. Brinkley

Dean M. Flatt