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JFLCO's Responsible Investment Principles

  • We will consider material ESG factors in investment analysis and decision-making by assessing ESG risks and opportunities as part of the due diligence process.
  • We will integrate material ESG factors into our ownership policies and practices by encouraging and supporting portfolio company efforts to address their ESG risks and opportunities.
  • We will seek appropriate disclosures on how firms identify, prevent, manage, and address ESG factors and will regularly report on our activities and progress related to responsible investing, including how we manage material ESG risks and opportunities to our investors and other key stakeholders.
  • We will consider a broad set of stakeholders in our investment work, including investors, portfolio companies, customers, employees, and people who may be affected by JFLCO's business activities to continuously improve our approach to responsible investment.
  • We will support our portfolio companies in transitioning to a lower carbon economy.
  • We will respect human rights, in line with the recommendations of the United Nations Guiding Principles.
  • We will understand our ESG impacts and act as good corporate citizens within our own company and in the communities in which we operate.

We have not and will not invest in companies that meet the exclusionary criteria listed in our Responsible Investment Policy

Anti-Personnel <br />Mines Anti-Personnel
Cluster<br>          Munitions Cluster
Biological <br>          Weapons Biological
Chemical <br>          Weapons Chemical

ESG Program Partners

We collaborate with leading advisors to support our ESG program

  • bsr
  • bluedot
  • aeterra
  • givetoget
  • greenprojecttech
  • bridgehouseadvisors
  • ibRecruit
  • Toigo

JFLCO has Invested in Leading Environmental & Infrastructure Services Companies for Over a Decade

Entact provides geotechnical and environmental remediation services for on-site organic and inorganic contaminants within soil, sediments, water and other media. The Company's robust suite of specialized capabilities address the unique needs of a discerning and diversified set of private and public sector customers.
Integrated Global Services
Integrated Global Services provides highly engineered, proprietary surface protection solutions and technologies to a diversified global customer base. The Company's technologies and services solve metal wastage and reliability problems in mission-critical equipment found across energy, power generation and other industrial end markets.
Global Marine Group
Global Marine Group provides installation, maintenance and repair services for subsea fiber optic and power cables in the telecommunications, offshore power and oil & gas sectors. With a heritage dating back to the first subsea cable installation between the UK and France in 1850, the company has maintained a leading position in these markets since inception.
NorthStar Group
NorthStar Group provides specialized environmental, technical and waste treatment and disposal services to government and commercial facility owners in need of operational, decommissioning and remediation services. The Company leverages its national operating footprint and breadth of capabilities to provide time-critical response and restoration solutions and has the only site in the U.S. licensed to treat, process and dispose of Class A, B and C low-level nuclear waste from government and commercial generators located in all 50 states.
Waste Control
Waste Control Specialists owns and operates a unique waste disposal, storage and treatment facility for highly specialized and regulated waste streams, including low-level radioactive, hazardous and mixed hazardous and radioactive waste. The Company is the only site in the U.S. licensed to process and dispose of Class A, B and C nuclear waste from government and commercial generators located in all 50 states.
Inland Pipe Rehabilitation
PURIS provides trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions and technologies to the municipal wastewater and storm water markets across the U.S. The Company's technologies and services provide government customers with minimally disruptive, cost effective solutions to manage aging underground pipe infrastructure in almost any location in its target markets.
Lone Star Disposal
Lone Star Disposal is the leading vertically-integrated provider of construction and demolition ("C&D") and municipal solid waste ("MSW") disposal and related environmental services. The Company's comprehensive service platform utilizes an asset base consisting of a C&D landfill, an MSW transfer station, a C&D recycling facility and a C&D collection fleet to serve a diverse customer base in the greater Houston metropolitan area.
Sprint Energy Services
Sprint Energy Services provided a comprehensive suite of integrated and complementary solutions across waste disposal and environmental services to the upstream energy industry.
National Response
NRC Group provided specialized, essential environmental, compliance and waste management services globally to the highly regulated marine transportation, industrial, energy, chemical and rail industries. NRCG’s broad range of capabilities enabled it to meet critical, non-discretionary needs across industries and end markets to ensure compliance with environmental, health and safety laws globally.
While JFLCO believes the designated E&I Investments have a positive effect on one or more environmental or social issues, such designation is not intended to suggest the primary purpose of any such investment was the environmental or social impact. The above is a partial list of realized and current JFLCO investments. For a complete list of realized and current investments, please see the tab labeled “Partner Companies”.

JFLCO Philanthropy in Action

JFLCO team members volunteering in the kitchen during dinner service at The Bowery Mission.
JFLCO was honored for its longstanding support of The Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
JFLCO team members preparing personal care kits for distribution at The Bowery Mission.

We Support Important Causes and Organizations

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